Jun 292016

What are the Best Binary Options Trading Software?

That is one very difficult question to answer, if you are looking for the best binary trading software. The best will not always be the one and only for everybody. Even if your friend and their friends of friends have told you about a particular binary trading software that you should use, you might end up not liking it. This is why there are steps that you need to do first before finding out whether the software recommended to you is what will be suited to you. But this article is not about knowing these steps. It is about learning the names of the software that might end up the one you will be working with. You can only find a few of them here, but you can find more binary trading software at 7 Binary Options.


This is just to remind the readers that as of last month, the BinaryOptionRobot has ceased operating temporarily due to server problems. However, if you keep yourself updated and are interested to find more about this particular software, you will get to know when they are going to have the software up again.

This particular binary options trading software has received a total of 5 stars from experts of binary trading, which is something that you should look forward to when using this software. It gave the experts an opportunity trade even though they are not connected online and doing an active trade. They also had options where they are allowed to set the maximum amount of trades that they want to complete daily, if when the settings are properly configured.


When it comes to the software itself, experts are pleased to say that it was easy for them to start using the automated trading software. All they did was just input the amount of the risk that they wanted. The setting up of the account is very simple, too, which only requires the user to fill up a few fields of their personal information and pick a broker that they want to use. Yet the most appealing feature of all was its tutorial. It is available for review, not to mention an access to a live customer chat line if there are any issues encountered when using the software.

Mike’s Auto Trader

A 4 star-rated binary options trading software, you can never find any other software like it in this industry. The software itself is named after the developer of the software. The software itself is not new, but the developer himself entirely revamped it and has garnered places to winning more trades. This is done while on the other side, it is earning higher returns on the aforementioned trades. What makes this software really amazing is that traders can get it for free. It used to have a requirement of donating a certain amount of money to keep the software running, but the revamped one no longer requires it. It is a web-based software, making it easy for you to access without all the hassle of downloading and installing it in your computer.

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