What You Need to Know About 24Option

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Jun 292016

You’ve probably heard a lot about 24Option, which is why you are here. You want to know what you can about the broker, because it seems a lot of traders recommend it to you, whether these traders are boasting about it online or your friends that are trading in binary options. Want to know more about 24Options? Read further below.

As you read all about 24Option even before you have reached this place, you already have something in your mind that convinces you that the broker provides top notch options in trading. The wide span of the services they offer makes its users feel very comfortable with every stage that they set themselves on. However, a lot of beginners in the trade find the broker too extensive for them, not to mention too apprehensive in the beginning. But they won’t have to worry about that, either. 24Option has a team of supporters that will immediately aid their clients in realizing the benefits that they will receive. These benefits are far greater than the risks that they will have to face in the future, which makes the clients feel with greater ease. The platform that the broker makes use of is extraordinary, as it is filled with the category for trading options. Each of these categories provide investment amounts that will appeal to every budget that the client or trader has. Traders also get to access their account through the use of their mobile device, which will enable them to utilize all the chances they have in trading.

The best advantages that you will get with 24Option is that they have a great deposit bonus, there is the 30s option, free signals, excellent returns, and huge max investments. The only disadvantage is that it does not accept traders from the US.

Max Payouts

Most of the payouts with 24Options are usually higher when it comes to their liquid assets. Their payout is in between the 70 percent to 89 percent margin of its money option. When it comes to their 60 second options, their clients have made more than 70 percent of their profit, which reviewers and experts find great for a one minute option.


Another thing that made people get motivated to join 24Option is their offer of various account types such as Standard, Gold and Platinum accounts. The one that gets the maximum benefits like the boundary, touch options, high yield and the high/low options is the Platinum account holder. They are also the ones that get the most updated information regarding the latest trends in the market. They also receive personal training sessions, too. Holders of Gold accounts mostly get a 2 percent return on every trade that they create. The holders of a standard account can trade with all options and get to access to customer support 24/7.

If you want to know more about 24Option, go to http://top10binarydemo.com and find a video of a review made by one of the expert binary options traders. You will get to know more about the broker, too.

How Can You Get a Demo Account with 24Option?

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Jun 292016

Getting a demo account with a broker is something every trader in their beginning years of trading binary options should have. A lot of binary options broker have offered demo accounts to their potential clients so that they get to see whether or not the broker is the right one to make partners with. Most demo accounts are offered for a month, which is like a trial account, in which at the end of the demo the potential clients will be asked whether they are going to continue trading with them, but with official accounts. 24Option is one of the best known broker in the world that provides great binary options trading signals, not to mention one of the most trusted, too. If you take a look at various news about binary options trading, the name of 24Option will always come out, along with other popular binary options brokers which you can find ranked at this site http://top10binarydemo.com/.

Do you want a demo account from 24Option? You need to create an account with them, first. All you need to do is fill in your personal information and then your account will be created after verifying your personal details in a couple of minutes. You don’t have to worry too much about signing up – it will be very easy to do so. You will be asked to provide funding for your account. The initial deposit required by this demo account is $250. You might be asking at this point, what’s the use of a demo account when you are just going to deposit money into your account? There is no need to use your initial deposit right away. This means you can leave it alone while you start your trade. There are no risks involved in demo trading at all. This is where the demo really lives up to its name – there is no need to put up money when you do your virtual trading.


But what if at the end of the day, you know that their style of trading is not meant for you? What about the money that you have deposited? There are no worries there since you can still cash out or withdraw your money. There won’t be any penalties or hidden fees for signing up with 24Option’s demo account. What you will be doing there is try to find out how their system works when trading in binary options. It is also all about whether their platform is a comfortable workplace for you.

The reason why traders, whether they are already experienced or a total beginner in binary options, are recommended to open a demo account first is because of the reason mentioned above. If you have no idea what the platform that the broker uses, you trade with your money and you find it difficult to trade with it, you are already wasting your money away on things that could have been used wisely. Make sure that you use the demo account first, so that you get to decide with a peace of mind, that the broker is the one you can truly work with.

How to Get Started With Binary Options Trading Software

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Jun 292016

One thing that traders are not fully aware of is when they try trade in binary options, most of them immediately use the binary trading software. This is not what a beginner should do since they will have a hard time understanding the concept on how to use the software. Without an inkling of knowledge about binary options trading, how can you start using the software? The first thing that you need to do is to make your research. This means that you need to know what binary options is. If you have already read about its definition, it will be the next step. It will probably be more theories, but this time it will mostly be how they are going to work. In this phase, you will be reflecting on whether trading in binary options is the right one for you or not.

Binary options trading is like a financial betting. The trader can make a trade or bet on whether the asset’s price of the one that you have chosen will either go down or up over a fixed period of time. Yet what makes binary options different is that the trader already knows beforehand the risks involved when betting online, before they press the button to trade. All of these factors sound simple, which is why a lot of beginners on investing their money love to trade with binary options first. But like any other trade, binary options come with a lot of risk, but experts shared their strategies on how one can lessen the risk of trading in binary options online. You can find a lot of tips, strategies and indicators online that will aid in you in making the most profit in every trade that you get into.


You are aware that the binary options trading software is like an assistance for every trader, right? But are you aware, too, that even if you already have the knowledge and the software at your disposal, you do need to sign up to a broker, right? This is the next step after you have already gotten the knowledge on how to work with binary options trading. Once you have settled with that, this is followed up by looking for a binary options trading software. Most of the time the broker that you have signed up to have the software provided, but you might find other, more effective software for you to use. The steps to finding a good binary options trading software is like how you find your broker, too. The best places to find evidences on the best software is by visiting review sites.

Once you have done everything of the above, you are ready to trade with binary options using your trading software. Don’t forget that it is a software to assist you in predicting the signals, not the other way around. A lot of beginners are mislead to think that the software will do everything for them, when in fact it only follows the commands of its user.

What are the Best Binary Options Trading Software?

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Jun 292016

What are the Best Binary Options Trading Software?

That is one very difficult question to answer, if you are looking for the best binary trading software. The best will not always be the one and only for everybody. Even if your friend and their friends of friends have told you about a particular binary trading software that you should use, you might end up not liking it. This is why there are steps that you need to do first before finding out whether the software recommended to you is what will be suited to you. But this article is not about knowing these steps. It is about learning the names of the software that might end up the one you will be working with. You can only find a few of them here, but you can find more binary trading software at 7 Binary Options.


This is just to remind the readers that as of last month, the BinaryOptionRobot has ceased operating temporarily due to server problems. However, if you keep yourself updated and are interested to find more about this particular software, you will get to know when they are going to have the software up again.

This particular binary options trading software has received a total of 5 stars from experts of binary trading, which is something that you should look forward to when using this software. It gave the experts an opportunity trade even though they are not connected online and doing an active trade. They also had options where they are allowed to set the maximum amount of trades that they want to complete daily, if when the settings are properly configured.


When it comes to the software itself, experts are pleased to say that it was easy for them to start using the automated trading software. All they did was just input the amount of the risk that they wanted. The setting up of the account is very simple, too, which only requires the user to fill up a few fields of their personal information and pick a broker that they want to use. Yet the most appealing feature of all was its tutorial. It is available for review, not to mention an access to a live customer chat line if there are any issues encountered when using the software.

Mike’s Auto Trader

A 4 star-rated binary options trading software, you can never find any other software like it in this industry. The software itself is named after the developer of the software. The software itself is not new, but the developer himself entirely revamped it and has garnered places to winning more trades. This is done while on the other side, it is earning higher returns on the aforementioned trades. What makes this software really amazing is that traders can get it for free. It used to have a requirement of donating a certain amount of money to keep the software running, but the revamped one no longer requires it. It is a web-based software, making it easy for you to access without all the hassle of downloading and installing it in your computer.

Should Traders Depend on Binary Options Software?

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Jun 292016

The use of a binary option trading software is not new. In fact, many experts use them all the time. It is a way to assist them with their trade, yet they also know that the use of the software is not really a substitute of gaining the best trade and fortune when trading binary options. They always have strategies to keep up and even change them when needed. Binary options software is known for giving professional signals to traders and also automatically make a trade when it has met the criteria it was programmed with. Yet, there are new traders in binary options that were led to believe that they can just use the trading software, leave it alone to do all the trading with the program it was set for and they can make fortunes. Unfortunately, trading binary options is not meant to be treated that way. Just like with investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, you need to be wary and monitor the market so that you won’t make any losses on your part.

But these are not the only reasons why you should blindly utilize the auto binary robot. Here are some of the things you should be extra wary about.

Failures – this does not mean about its failure in keeping up with its program in detecting signals in the market. As long as the program remains intact, it will keep on detecting signals and will automatically trade for you when it has met the criteria it was programmed for. But this failure is actually referring to mechanical means. The setup of the binary options automated trading is actually simple – the software is planned beforehand, the rules are made into a program and then the trader watches the software making its trade. But when you take a look at reality, automated trading is really sophisticated but at the same time not perfect. Depending on the kind of trading platform, the trade order usually resides on the computer and not the server. This means when the internet connection is suddenly cut off for various reasons, the order might not have been sent into the market. Expect some discrepancy with the trades that is generated according to the strategy being followed by the software.

Needs monitoring – some traders are led to believe that since the software can actually detect signals, they might as well leave the software to do its job. This will actually backfire on you, since there are tendencies in which the computer can meet an unfortunate or unseen accident. This can be connectivity issues, computer crashes, power losses or even the quirks of the system itself. There are also times that the automated software can experience times that is uncalled for, which can result to orders that you have not even placed. The system should be regularly monitored so that unforeseen events aforementioned can be dealt with and resolved right away.

This does not mean to say that it is bad to use the automated trading software. Careful monitoring is still a must so that you don’t loose a lot of fortune on your side from trading binary options.